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    Twister Mini Rig 4-Piece Kit

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    A new generation of mini rigs has arrived! Goody Glass brings you a series of collectible miniature rigs made to put the "fun" back in function. These rigs have been specially designed to cool down your vapor while minimizing air contact, so that you get the most flavorful hits every time. Each rig has its own unique function and personality, so collect them all while you can!

    Designed for visually stunning function, the twister is sure to entertain. It features multi hole percolation and a recycler that continuously spins and refilters the smoke for hits that are exceptionally smooth.


    • Height: 5"

    • 5 Hole Stem Percolator

    Box includes:

    1 X Goody Glass Mini Rig

    1 X 10MM Quartz Banger

    1 X Bubble Carb Cap

    1 X Mini Dab Tool

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    Twister Mini Rig 4-Piece Kit