About Kush Groove

From parties, to events, to smoke shops, to clothing, to cannabis accessories and products and now dispensaries. Kush Groove has cornered every angle in Greater Boston cannabis for over a decade, building a community of over 30,000 cannabis enthusiasts.

Today, we bring a special passion and love for cannabis into our locally licensed dispensaries. You can tell the difference once you entered our dispensary versus any corporate or multi-state operated dispensaries. Our team members reflect the communities we operate in and celebrate cannabis everyday because we live it.

The Kush Groove turtle symbolizes much of how we live and what we strive towards—longevity and wisdom. In contrast to the fast-paced city life, the city stoner appreciates each detail, ponders each word and analyzes each event. This straddling between the fast-paced and a life of leisure is the space where we reside. The turtle, wise, contemplative and calculating is the perfect symbol for our brand.

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