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    3" AFM Clear Dry Ash-Catcher

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    Product description

    The 3" Clear Dry Ash-Catcher offers the following features:

    • Height: It stands at a compact 3 inches tall, which makes it suitable for use with various water pipes or dab rigs.

    • Joint Sizes: It is available in two joint sizes, 14mm and 10mm, providing options to fit different water pipe or dab rig setups.

    • Joint Angles: The ash-catcher is designed with both 90-degree and 45-degree joint angles, allowing you to choose the angle that best suits your setup.

    • Clear Glass: The ash-catcher is made of clear glass, providing a transparent and aesthetic appearance. This allows you to see the filtration process and the accumulation of ash, making it easier to know when it needs cleaning.

    The 3" Clear Dry Ash-Catcher is a practical accessory that helps to keep your water pipe or dab rig cleaner by trapping ash and debris before it reaches the main chamber. It is available in different joint sizes and angles to ensure compatibility with your existing setup. The clear glass construction adds a visually appealing touch while allowing for easy monitoring of ash buildup.

    3" Clear Dry Ash-Catcher Features:

    • 3" tall
    • Available in 14mm and also 10mm 
    • 90 degree \ 45 degree
    • Clear glass
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    3" AFM Clear Dry Ash-Catcher