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    55mm OG Kush 3 Stage Grinder - Black

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    OG Kush

    Dive headfirst into the wonderfully whimsical world of Wido brought to you by Famous Brandz. This anime-inspired series pairs popular strains with playful personalities and props. You’ll have a hard time picking just one, so collect them all!

    These stunning, matte grinders make breaking up your bud a breeze. Spaciously sized at 2.2”/55mm, you can fit lots of flower inside. The ergonomic comfort grips on the side allow you to twist and turn to your hearts delight. Made out of aluminum, the tantalizing teeth tear and fluff your herb and let it pass down to the storage spot. Beneath this layer you’ll find the fine, mesh screen that filters your most potent bits to the bottom level. Keep your crystals for a rainy day or use them now!

    Artfully adorned with exciting images of comic-ally cute characters based on your favorite strains, these grinders are ready to rise and grind with your stash. Each grinder has its own personality and manpu reminiscent of magical manga. OG Kush is a brilliant black and is boldly: laid-back, focused & fly.

    • 2.2”/55mm
    • aluminum material
    • ergonomic comfort grips
    • sharp teeth
    • fine, mesh screen
    • fun colors
    • exciting images
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    55mm OG Kush 3 Stage Grinder - Black

    $ 35.00