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    14" SUPER Bong - Four Showerhead Percs, Ice Pinch & More

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    Product description

    Check Out Our 14 Inch Bong w/ Multi Percs!

    One of our more sophisticated pieces, this 14" double-chambered pipe is the centerpiece of any smoke session. Check out the details of this piece!

    Coming with multiple percs built into the pipe along with two separate chambers, this pipe provides the most filtration of your smoke you can get from a 14" piece.  It also features a 90 degree joint allowing you to keep all your flower inside of the bowl when you set it down. And for one more feature, let's remember to include the ice pinch that just adds an additional layer of smooth, clear hits!

    Whether it is a group occasion or you're riding solo, this pipe offers an upgraded smoking experience from your typical handheld pipe or bubbler. 

    Bong Details:

    • 14" Water Pipe
    • 18mm Male Bowl Included
    • Multi showerhead percs + ice pinch
    • 5mm thick glass
    • Gorgeous color options

    Since these are hand crafted by the artisans, some have additional embossed leaf design details on them like the white and emerald green showcase.  Beautiful additional feature that these craftsmen added as a personal touch!

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    14" SUPER Bong - Four Showerhead Percs, Ice Pinch & More