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Natick Recreational Cannabis Dispensary

Discover the epitome of cannabis culture at our renowned Natick dispensary, a cornerstone of Kush Groove. Rooted deeply in the Greater Boston area since 2011, our dispensary near Natick, MA, boasts over a decade of cannabis brand legacy, proudly displayed on our walls. Experience the rich tapestry of Massachusetts' finest craft cannabis products, curated meticulously for enthusiasts like you. Join us for an unforgettable journey where exceptional customer service meets an exquisite brand menu, marking a pinnacle in your recreational cannabis exploration.

Location: We're conveniently located at 1589 Columbus Ave. in Boston (across from Jackson Sq. MBTA Orange Line Station)

Directions: Get directions by clicking here. Our location is accessible by MBTA, car and bicycle transport.

Hours of operation: We're open daily, Monday - Sunday: from 10am - 8pm. We accept pre-orders day of operations.

Why Shop With us?

Why Shop With us?

Menu: We offer a wide array of Indica, Sativa & Hybrid cannabis from flower, edibles, vaporizers, pre-rolls, vapes and tinctures.

Customer Service: Our staff are extremely knowledgeable & experienced having spent more than 3+ years working at other dispensaries.

Vibe: We offer a very relaxed & self paced consumer vibe. We have plenty of floor space for you to take your time while shopping and not feel rushed.

Explore Our High-Quality Cannabis Products in Natick, MA

Venture into the heart of Natick, MA, where an unparalleled range of high-quality cannabis products await. Our dispensary near Natick stands as a beacon for enthusiasts, offering an extensive selection of premium recreational cannabis products sourced directly from Massachusetts' best cultivators.

From aromatic flowers to ready-to-smoke pre-rolls indulgent edibles to potent concentrates and soothing tinctures, every item embodies our commitment to quality. Experience the seamless fusion of tradition and innovation at our dispensary, where the spirit of cannabis culture lives on.

Natick's Trusted Recreational Cannabis Dispensary

Step into a world where history meets modernity at Kush Groove, the trusted recreational dispensary Natick locals and visitors alike swear by. As you enter, you are greeted by the echoing legacy of over a decade of cannabis culture, vividly illustrated through the content gracing our walls.

From vibrant parties to educational events and innovative smoke shops to trend-setting clothing lines, our journey extends beyond a mere dispensary. Join the thriving community of over 30,000 cannabis enthusiasts, united under the vibrant banner of Kush Groove, where we celebrate the multifaceted world of cannabis with unwavering passion and dedication.

Frequently Asked Customer Questions &

Common Dispensary Concerns

What areas do you serve in Natick?

Our dispensary is strategically located to serve not only the heart of Natick but also the neighboring areas. Whether you reside nearby or are passing through, you're welcome to experience the unique offerings at our dispensary near Natick. We pride ourselves in being a community-oriented dispensary, always ready to offer you an array of top-notch products.

Does Natick dispensary have promotional offers?

Absolutely! Our dispensary is renowned for providing an array of exciting deals and promotions crafted to give our patrons the best value for their money. Whether you are a recreational or medicinal user, you'll find a plethora of promotional offers to choose from. Keep an eye on our website for the latest updates on the insane deals and offers from the recreational dispensary Natick trusts for quality and value.

Does Natick dispensary provide home delivery service?

Currently, our dispensary does not offer a home delivery service for recreational cannabis in Natick, MA. However, we warmly invite you to visit us in person, where you can explore a wide array of products firsthand. Despite the absence of a home delivery option, we ensure a welcoming and relaxed environment in our dispensary near Natick, fostering a rich and fulfilling in-store experience.

Does your Natick dispensary accept Apple Pay?

As of now, our payment options at the dispensary are confined to cash and debit cards to facilitate secure and hassle-free transactions. Unfortunately, we do not accept Apple Pay or other online payment methods at this time. We continuously aim to streamline our payment processes and might expand our payment methods in the future to enhance your shopping experience at your favorite dispensary near Natick, MA.