Benefits of Working at Kush Groove

Cannabis Career With Growth

Career Growth

Working with Kush Groove is not just a job, but an opportunity to expand into different career paths.

Parent Hours

We have flexible shifts that work well for parents taking care of their families.

$$$$ Perks

Cash perks are offered through the Sparkplug program. Sales reps can earn additional $$ from vendors.

FREE Parking

We offer entirely FREE motor vehicle parking for cars and trucks, as well as indoor bike parking.

Great Staff

We have a friendly staff of cannabis enthusiast who have fun at work and get the job done.

Friendly Faces

Our customers are what keep us in business. They are happy when they walk in, even happier once they leave ;)

Health Benefits

We offer a wide range of health benefits that include, but are not limited to: dental, health, vision, PTO.

Safe Workplace

Our locations are in newly constructed buildings. Each operation is fully equipped with 24hr camera systems.

Frequently Asked Questions

Jobs in The Cannabis Industry

When Will Jobs Stop Testing For Weed?

Marijuana laws and attitudes toward its use are changing in many places around the world, with an increasing number of jurisdictions legalizing or decriminalizing its recreational or medical use. However, workplace policies regarding drug testing are generally determined by each company's discretion and the specific laws of the jurisdiction in which they operate.

We don't test for THC.

What Other Cannabis Jobs Are Near Me?

You may be able to find budtender and other cannabis industry jobs on cannabis jobs websites and working with cannabis industry job matchmakers and recruiters.

Do Your Cannabis Jobs Come With Housing?

We do NOT offer housing as part of working at our cannabis dispensary.

Do You Offer Cannabis Jobs to Nurses?

We do NOT discriminate anyone from whatever field of work they come from, prior to working with us. This includes nurses.

Is The Job THC Friendly?

We do NOT test employees for cannabis but we do NOT allow cannabis to be consumed in the building during operations.