What makes a good vape pen?

What makes a good vape pen?

Ever been inside the Kush Groove Shop? We’re located at 1536 Tremont Street in Mission Hill, Boston, MA. We carry a range of smoke shop accessories ranging from our Kush Groove apparel, lifestyle essentials from Raw, Elements, Randy’s and 1,000’s more. We also carry a wide range of vape pens and vaporizers for e-juice, herb, wax/concentrate and batteries for THC cartridges.

Below is a list of vapes we carry at the Kush Groove Shop. You can message us directly for any questions about our vapes here.


The JUUL Vape Pen & Starter Kit from PAX Labs

We carry the Juul in black and special edition blue. As a certified Juul retailer, we always have Juul pods and devices in stock.

510 Batteries for THC Cartridges

We DO NOT sell THC catridges at the shop. We do however carry a wide range of 510 thread batteries and mods for the catridges that are universal to all catridges.

Questions about what we have in stock? Message us directly here.

Firefly THC Dry Herb Vaporizer Pen

The firefly is the most technologically advance vape pen we carry at the shop. It’s sleek, powerful and discreet, as you can see here set next to car keys.

Have questions about our vapes? You can call us at 617-708-1724 or message us directly here and we’ll put one aside for you. We stock many different brands.

We produce our monthly video series highlighting new vapes, mods, batters and much more. Take a look at our latest video of “The Re-Up” presented by The MuseumTV.

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