The Ultimate Hemp Flower Guide

The Ultimate Hemp Flower Guide

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No one can deny the fact that hemp is having a major moment right now. With over 1 billion fans globally, this plant has encapsulated a large part of the globe and continues to dominate the global herb market. If you don’t know, hemp was discovered in the early 19th century when a group of people were using it for recreational purposes. However, experts argue that this plant is over 10,000 years old and might be the first-ever one discovered by mankind. Today, with the evolution of technology and scientific research, hemp is used for recreational and medicinal reasons.

What is a Hemp Flower?

When discussing the hemp and cannabis plant, many fans fail to create a determination between the two of them. The truth is, both of these names have been used as marijuana in popular culture. If you ask any hemp fanatic, they will not put hemp and cannabis in the same category. In simple words, the hemp plant produces high CBD content, whereas cannabis plants are more proficient in paddling high THC content. Especially after the passing of the farm bill in 2018, hemp has managed to spread all over the place.

What are The Benefits of Hemp Flower?

Ever since the discovery, hemp has always been of great interest to medical experts. Because it is consumed by over 1 billion people, this plant draws massive medical attention. Luckily, there are no proven side effects of this plant, which is why people swoon over it. Contrary to this, it stands concrete with a countless number of health benefits. People who are suffering from body pains, arthritis, headaches, anxiety, depression, chronic chest pain, breathing issues, acne disorders, lung cancer, indigestion, and obesity, are all advised to use hemp.

How Do People Use Hemp Flowers?

Traditionally, people were only exposed to smoking hemp, but now there are countless creative ways to enjoy it. Now, in the popular culture, hemp is vaped, infused in food items, used in making beverages and desserts. If you visit any local bar in the US, you will be astonished to find hemp-infused kava and tea. People who are suffering from depression often rely on hemp tea because it declutters their mind from stress. On the other hand, hemp is also used in skincare products because it can fight acne and other skin disorders. Hemp is also acknowledged as CBD weed by fans, so the next time you don’t find hemp near you, ask the locals about the whereabouts of weed.

Is it Legal?

Apart from being used for medicinal reasons, hemp is used in the manufacturing of paper and textiles. Experts suggest hemp will be used as a fuel in the coming years. These compelling reasons encouraged the farm bill, which is why this plant is legal. However, the legal status of hemp is different from the state and federal level. Every country has a different take on this plant, which is why it is tough to say if it is legal globally. However, much of the research slant toward it being legal in more than 40 countries globally. 

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