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The Kush Groove Turtle, Joey Kinebud

Our Kush Groove turtle, Joey Kinebud, symbolizes much of how we live and what we strive towards—longevity and wisdom. In contrast to the fast-paced city life, the city stoner appreciates each detail, ponders each word and analyzes each event.

This straddling between the fast-paced and a life of leisure is where we reside. The turtle, wise, contemplative and calculating is the perfect symbol for our brand.

When the Kush Groove brand was first launched in 2011, Boston, Massachusetts wasn’t recognized as a destination for cannabis culture and lifestyle on the scale of other west coast cities who share some of the same demographic profile and cultural connection to cannabis culture as Bostonians.

Today, with Boston as the first major east coast city with legalized adult use of recreational cannabis, we're excited to have a face, and mascot, that represents who we are and what we're about for the industry; slow, steady and strong.


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