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4/20 is scheduled and my team at Kush Groove are happy to announce we’ll be hitting 3 locations for the day, promoting our #slowandsteady edibles line.

We’re starting the day with our folks at Revolutionary Clinics on Fawcett St. in Cambridge at noon. Show some love, but remember, med patients only!

Then we’re heading over the bridge to our folks at Harbor House Collective to taste some of that yah mean lol. Hands down, Harbor House got the best 💐 so make sure you come grab some of that for the head. Special 4:20pm light up session while we’re there.

Lastly, we’re making our way down the street to our OGs at Western Front to show out and party with the homies @loudmindstv @supersmashbroz @michaelchristmas for a live performance.

Pull up on us whenever. If you have time for anything meet us in Chelsea for that 🔥 at Harbor House Collective and for the 🏄🏾‍♂️ at Western Front.

We’ll be giving out FREE samples and other giveaways. Tap in #kushgroove #slowandsteady #420 #fourtwenty


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