Interview w/Boston Rapper, Songwriter Maye Star

Interview w/Boston Rapper, Songwriter Maye Star

boston rapper mayestarIf you've been a fan of the brand for a while, then you know our love for music and grooves from our local Boston based artists. One of these artist we love is Mayestar!

We interviewed Mayestar on the cusp of dropping his debut album, SUPA MOON to talk his new album, his inspirations and how he's holding up during the Corona Virus quarantine. Read the interview below and catch up on his new project

boston rapper maystar

boston rapper maysestar

boston rapper mayestar

Let's check in with Star...

Kush Groove: Star, was goodie bro? Talk to us about this video for THERAPY? Was this filmed in the crib, during the quarantine?

Maye Star:  What’s Good family! It’s been a while. And YES, this was filmed in the house in the safest way possible during this trying time we’re living in. I hope everyone’s staying safe as well as creative!

Kush Groove: So this is your debut album? You've been making music for a minute now?

Maye Star:  All the real ones from out here know about Maye Star. The OGs too. I’ve been doing this for over 10 years at a high quality out here. I really just wanted to take my time and use the lessons I learned when I was younger and apply them to my future self. This album has meaning, a story & undoubtedly shows the real me

Kush Groove: Now you know we connect because of Kush Groove. What you smoking on these days?

Maye Star:  Man lately i’ve really been stuck on hybrid strains. I been blazing that Bruce Banner, that OG Kush, always and that train wreck goes crazy in the studio. Mix that with whatever i’m drinking that night and it’s a great time haha.

Kush Groove: Any specific strain that helps best with creating new music? Is the weed helping during the quarantine?

Maye Star: I’ve been smoking like normal during this time. Normal as in all day. It definitely has been helping like I’m sure it’s helping a lot of my smokers out there. This is going to be one interesting 4/20 this year. We making the best out of everything though!

Kush Groove: Although you're the artist, what are you listening to during the quarantine to stay inspired?

Maye Star:  All my close peoples will tell you my inspiration doesn’t really come too much from music. There’s some drive that stems from certain records and artists, but I’m really inspired off experience, my relationships and conversation. I’ve been bumping my locals a lot though man. So much great shit coming out of the city. I’m supporting all of it. If you listen to the beginning of the ‘THERAPY’ video, the song that plays is by a classical artist named Peter Sandberg. Just piano based songs without lyrics. Very peaceful. I’ve been listening to that, daily.

Kush Groove: Anything else you want to leave your fans with? Your social media?

Maye Star:  I just really want to send a lot of positive vibrations and love to all my peoples and their kin. This is a trying time, but stay strong! Keep your head high! Stay creative! I’m coming with the music real hot and it’s something special! I pray y’all pay attention because it’s honestly something the city has never seen before. SUPA MOON!!!!

Maye Star Social Media: @themayestar


Album drops May 2020: 



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