Interview w/Canadian Rapper, Songwriter Minty Burns

Interview w/Canadian Rapper, Songwriter Minty Burns

The Kush Groove squad has traveled far and wide across the Northeast Coast to spread the word about the brand. During our travels over the years doing in store events, pop up shops and festivals, we've been privileged with the wonderful opportunity to meet like minded creatives like ourselves, build relationships with break bread. We've also gotten an inside look at their careers from the beginning. 

We recently caught up with our homie Minty Burns who stays above the boarder over in T. Dot (Toronto, Canada) to talk new music, how he's holding up during the Corona Virus quarantine and what's going on with legal weed in Canada, from a real Kush Groove stoner, lol.

Read the interview below and catch up on his new music as well

Let's check in with Mint...

Kush Groove: Talk to us about what new music you got out. What inspired the title and for Maradona?

Minty Burns: Recently I dropped a 6 track EP called Hollywood Forever. I also just dropped 2 new singles off my upcoming project Money to Burn called 8 strains and Jet Lagged. I also dropped Maradona as well.

The tittle for Maradona is inspired by the soccer star Diego Maradona from Barcelona. His story of being on top of the world and living such a rockstar life inspired me to make a song about being the greatest ever and all the struggles that someone would deal with to do that.

Kush Groove: We've been connected through our love and appreciation for cannabis....Talk to us about what legal cannabis is like in the 6ix? What's specifically about Toronto cannabis culture can you share with us from the mainland?

Minty Burns: The legal cannabis right now is controlled by the government. There is a website called OSC and people can order online and they ship to your house. From what I've heard the service is great but the product isn't always up to par. As far as smoking outside you can smoke anywhere that cigarettes are allowed which I think is cool.

Kush Groove: You've been doing music for a while now. Talk to us about the whole Toronto, Canada hip hop movement that's been given so much limelight since the world got introduced to Drake. 

Minty Burns: The Toronto hip hop scene is huge and I think the world has only seen 5 percent of it so far. I have been lucky enough to be a part of it for over 10 years now and I have seen the change and growth in sound and artists. I hope we can continue to build a market for hip hop in Canada and artists with different styles can start to shine more. Drake definitely opened the door for us and now we have  The Weeknd and Tory Lanez. I plan on being the next artist to open up the doors to our Canadian music scene.

Kush Groove: Your music has obviously matured since when you first got started. Talk to us about some of the highlights of your creative work over the years and where you want to take your music today.

Minty Burns: I feel like I am a diverse artist and have always been able to adapt to other artists that I'm working with or adjust to the times. I have definitely added some more melodies in my music over the past few years but I always do what I like and remain true to myself. When I'm in the studio I just let it flow and I don't overthink anything.

Kush Groove: Tell us a bit about some of the other industry collaborations you've done and some of your most memorable creative moments with your collaborators?

Minty Burns:  On my latest EP Hollywood Forever I collaborated with Xanarcy's $teven Cannon. We never got to meet each other but I had a song I thought he would just kill so I sent it to him and he sent me a long ass verse back the next day. The song is called Haunted on some Halloween vibes and it is doing some good numbers right now. My favorite memory collaborating with an artist is defiantly Smoke DZA back in the days when we did the music video for The Bakery. I was a delivery man in the video.

Kush Groove: How have you become inspired to create music during the quarantine?

Minty Burns:  I have been super inspired during the quarantine because I love making music so when I have nothing but time on my hands I can just go in and create. I have a home studio set up and I have been producing beats a lot more on fruity loops. Look forward to a bunch of new self produced music!

Kush Groove: Anything else you have cooking up you want to share with your fans?

Minty Burns: I'm working on a new clothing line and 2 new projects. My upcoming project is tittle'd "Money to Burn" and I have released a few singles off it already. I have a music video on the way for my song Jet Lagged and I'm working on shooting a few more videos during this quarantine. 

Minty Burns Social Media: @mintyburns



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