How Dispensaries Use Fashion To Sell Their Products

How Dispensaries Use Fashion To Sell Their Products

The cannabis industry has experienced an exponential rise in popularity in the recent few years, with more people willing to give CBD products a try either for recreational or medical purposes. Because of that, the cannabis industry made its way in multiple disciplines, like fashion, art, and music. Popular cannabis manufacturers have also collaborated with musicians, artists, and other brands to advertise and introduce their products to the market. If you want to know how dispensaries are using all of these elements to sell their products, read on to find out.

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Cannabis And Fashion Brands

As you may already know, cosmetic companies are making use of CBD products to increase their sales. The fashion industry is no different. There are clothing companies that are now exploring CBD and incorporating it in their fashion lines as well. An example of this is the Acabada women’s active-wear company, which produced a CBD-infused clothing line with zero percent THC content and 99.9% pure CBD content. Jackets and jumpsuits in this line were infused with about 25 grams of CBD for every piece, but since CBD benefits are known to boost body recovery, more articles of clothing and fabrics were infused with CBD, like sports bras and leggings, which were specially infused with CBD to target body muscles. The downside of these products, however, is that they don’t have a long-lasting effect. After approximately 40 wears and washes the CBD effectiveness will start to wear out.


Another tool that companies use to make their products look as hip as they could be is creative packaging. Since the demand for cannabis products has increased, cannabis brands have become more creative with their packaging to attract more consumers. Reputable manufacturers also give special care to including critical information on their labels, such as the ingredients, dosage, intended use, etc. The cannabis connoisseurs over at Pig ‘N’ Whistle explain that if you’re thinking of changing your old cannabis products packaging, you’ll need to think of something that captures that audience’s attention, like pre-made pouches, for instance. A large package with enough surface area to display your brand logo along with the labeling will do the trick as well. Your packaging should also be sustainable and eco-friendly to attract more customers. Be mindful that colorful packages, especially ones that are used for edible cannabis products, might catch children’s eyes, so try to keep your package designs minimal and sophisticated.


As more and more insights about the benefits of cannabis have come to light in recent years, people from different businesses and fields are willing to collaborate with popular cannabis brands. A successful collaboration, after all, is bound to inject these brands’ sales and increase awareness. On the other hand, associating a mainstream brand with a cannabis brand will make cannabis products more popular, familiar, and relatable. Take a look at this list of brands, musicians, and artists who have used cannabis products for these reasons.


Ladies of Paradise, which is an online vintage shop, have organized events that featured cannabis products. The collab was a great chance to make a creative intersection of the brand’s niche products with cannabis accessories. Woodblock Chocolate is another brand that made a successful collaboration with Sera, a cannabis brand that has a chain of quality dispensaries. The chocolate makers decided to infuse some of their top-quality chocolate types with cannabis, thus creating unique products for both chocolate and cannabis connoisseurs. There are also other collaborations that are worth looking into, like the Oregrown-Pax collaboration, and the Quill-Pilot collaboration.

Artists And Musicians

A large number of cannabis businesses began to utilize artistic endeavors directed toward cannabis to support their brand. There are also many hip hop artists who’ve started capitalizing on the popularity of the cannabis industry. For example, Post Malone made a strategic partnership with the infamous Icon Farms, which gave him access to their cultivation operations. He also made his way into the weed industry by creating his own brand: Shaboink brand. Jay-Z broke a deal with the large cannabis company Caliva to join the cannabis bandwagon and capitalize on the obsession with cannabis products. Bob Marley’s memory and legacy are carried with his special cannabis line that is called Marley Natural, which offers a variety of products with various potency and intensity.

Cannabis has made its way into different industries, including the fashion and entertainment industries. Branding is a powerful tool that you must use to raise more exposure for your brand. So, whether you own a large dispensary or a humble business, making a strategic collaboration with a popular cannabis brand will certainly prove beneficial for your sales and brand image.

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