Gift Ideas for Friends Who Smoke Weed

Gift Ideas for Friends Who Smoke Weed

It’s November and this means Thanksgiving turkeys are being prepped, Xmas is around the corner and Black Friday Cyber Monday Holiday Sales deals are here already. Even with all the month-long holiday season fiasco and some good early deals, the real action takes place on Friday, Nov. 29.

Since you’re being a good friend, husband, wife, partner, brother, mother, etc. and you’re planning gifts for your friends who smoke weed (i.e. cannabis) we’ve put together an insightful holiday gift guide for your friends who smoke weed. We also have some sales in store as well.

Here’s your fast-and-easy Black Friday Cyber Monday Holiday gift guide for your friends who smoke weed.


1. Unique Designed Heady Glass

True stoners love heady glass. The artwork is what is most appreciated. Get your buddy a nice heady pipe or glass piece here and they will love you long time.

2. Cannabis Themed Graphic Tshirts

So long to the cannabis themed t-shirts with single weed leaves and cheech and chong characters. Now you can find stylish threads that also show your pride (or your friends) for 420 culture.

3. Cannabis Accessories Subscription Boxes

No need to make the trek out to your local smoke shop. Now you can have everything you need to smoke your weed, delivered right to your house (or your friends) in cool, sexy packaging. Learn more about the Kush Groove Box.

4. Cannabis 510 Thread Vape Pen

For anyone who smokes concentrate cartridges, you can never have enough vape pens to power your puff. A little goes along way and Kush Groove 510 Thread Vape Pens do that job, for only $12.

5. Tickets: Cannabis Themed Events

Can’t think of any one item to get for your stoner buddy? Don’t quit, you can always get them a ticket to our paint and edibles party we host every Friday night at the Kush Groove Shop. Good luck with your gift hunting.

Paint Night Tickets: Click here for paint night tickets


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