A Trip Down The East Coast Cannabis Trail

A Trip Down The East Coast Cannabis Trail

Boston has been leading the charge for quality cannabis on the east coast for a long time. But as legalization has expanded across the country there are other states here on the east coast who are stepping up their weed game. Since flights aren’t the move and many people still want to get out. An east coast road trip down the cannabis trail could be a good idea once lockdown is over.

Here’s everything you need to know about the weed laws in each state so you know where to stop and toke up!


Washington DC

Starting with the nation’s capital, Washington DC. This “state” decriminalized weed for recreational use and allowed for the trading/gifting of cannabis products with the passage of i-71 in 2015. Here you can find some of the best quality strains on the east coast as well as daily weed events that happen in secret locations. If you are going to be in DC make sure you check out 420DC and tell them Kush Groove sent you!



Virginia currently doesn’t have any form of legal weed. But DC isn’t far. Virginia recently decriminalized punishments but we would still avoid Virginia when it comes to marijuana. Check out this guide to Virginia’s cannabis laws for more information.



Maryland has a compassionate care medical marijuana program that extends to Maryland patients with terminal illnesses and debilitating medical conditions. They have decriminalized for small amounts of cannabis so you can smoke no worries. But getting it isn't the easiest unless you have a card.



Ahh good ol’ Massachusetts. Our state has legalized recreational marijuana and allows for the possession of up to one ounce of flower and 5 grams of concentrate. If you’re a Massachusetts resident, you can possess up to 10 ounces of flower in your home. Massachusetts also has a small medical marijuana program and decreased penalties for decriminalized cannabis. So feel free to smoke up!



Delaware also offers a compassionate care medical marijuana program. The program extends only to qualifying Delaware residents with qualifying chronic conditions such as glaucoma. They have decriminalized cannabis possession in small amounts, though the penalties for larger amounts of cannabis are still high, so avoid using cannabis recreationally in Delaware.


Florida has a compassionate care medical marijuana law. This means that the medical marijuana program only extends to Florida residents who meet qualifying conditions, such as glaucoma, muscle spasms, and other severely debilitating diseases or terminal illnesses. CBD is legal on the federal scale, so you can have as much of that as you want as long as it doesn’t contain THC. But if you want to smoke on the beach here is the place to do it!



Georgia has local decriminalization in a few of their larger cities. In Georgia, marijuana is not a scheduled substance but is regulated under the Georgia Controlled Substances Act. Under certain circumstances, it’s legal to possess in a few cities. However, take care to keep it under the legal limit as there are still laws and penalties in place to control the substance. Like Florida, CBD is legal, so you can have as much of that as you want as long as it doesn’t contain THC.


South Carolina

South Carolina has legalized hemp and CBD. However, they currently do not have a medical marijuana program in place. Getting caught with cannabis in any amount is an offense with steep penalties in South Carolina. Check out this guide to South Carolina’s cannabis laws for more information.


North Carolina

North Carolina’s cannabis laws are a little foggy. Currently, they allow for the use of hemp and CBD, though they do not have an established medical marijuana program. They do however have some form of decriminalization which allows for reduced sentencing on marijuana offenses.


New Jersey

Like many other states on this list, New Jersey only has a compassionate care medical marijuana program that serves New Jersey residents with qualifying conditions. Cannabis has not been decriminalized in New Jersey either, so avoid using cannabis recreationally or get stuck with a sticky penalty.


New York

Cannabis is decriminalized in some parts of New York, which allows for reduced sentencing and penalties for possession. It’s legal to use hemp and CBD in New York, but you must be a resident to qualify for their medical marijuana program. The Big Apple still has plenty of good weed you can find.


Rhode Island

Rhode Island has a limited medical marijuana program that extends to Rhode Island residents with qualifying conditions, though they also have legal hemp and CBD. They’ve also decriminalized small amounts of cannabis and reduced prison sentences and fines for possession of marijuana. However, there are still penalties for possession and use, so avoid recreational toking in Rhode Island.  



Connecticut does have a medical marijuana program but it only extends to Connecticut residents with qualifying conditions. They do have some really nice dispensaries with great quality bud. So try and hookup with a local to score some fire bud.



Vermont has a recreational marijuana program in place that allows for adults 21+ to possess up to one ounce of cannabis or 5 grams of concentrates. There are still many penalties in place for possessing larger amounts as well as new laws for driving under the influence of cannabis, especially with a minor in the car. They also have a compassionate care medical marijuana program that extends to Vermont residents with qualifying conditions. You can also use hemp and CBD freely in Vermont.


New Hampshire

New Hampshire has legal hemp and CBD. If you’re a New Hampshire resident with a qualifying condition, you can also get medical marijuana in New Hampshire. There are currently no laws for recreational cannabis, so be sure to avoid the harsh penalties that may incur by possessing or using cannabis recreationally.



Maine recently implemented a fully legal recreational cannabis program that allows residents over age 21 to possess up to 2.5 ounces of flower or grow up to 6 plants. They also have a medical marijuana program for patients with qualifying conditions and fully legal hemp and CBD. Be sure to double-check Maine’s cannabis laws and penalties for more information.



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