CBD: Is It Better To Buy at A Store or Grow At Home?

CBD: Is It Better To Buy at A Store or Grow At Home?

Growing your own cannabis was incredibly dangerous in the past, as it was illegal in most areas of the world. However, the recent legalization of the plant in many regions around the world has made it much more straightforward. People look at this list, pick their favorite CBD seed bank, and start growing their own plants.

Along with the legalization came a lot of opportunities for businesses to meet the needs of the people that want to reap the benefits of CBD . That means a whole new industry began, and it gave people varieties of CBD products. Nowadays, it seems like you can take CBD in just about any way you prefer.

However, there are some strong points between growing your own cannabis and buying from a store. Let's get into them both.

Growing At Home

While cannabis has been legalized in many regions of the world, there are still a lot of problems. The reason is that the rules differ in every American state. That's why you need to very careful, and accurately check the laws in your region before getting the seeds.



  • The most significant advantage of growing your own weed is the peace of mind you can get by knowing exactly where it came from and how good it is.
  • It doesn't matter how much space you have. You can grow cannabis indoors, a small outdoor garden, or a big open space. There are many different strains you can choose from.
  • You can save a lot of money if you are a regular cannabis user.
  • Allows you to try all the strains available in the market by growing them out.
  • Gardening can be a very fulfilling hobby that many describe as addicting.



  • Growing your own weed is not easy, and it might take some time to learn your way around. But you will be good if you go for auto flowering strains at first.
  • If your weed garden is clearly visible to everyone, then it might lead to some thefts because it can clearly sell for good money.


Buying From a Store

Ever since cannabis legalized, small and big CBD businesses have been opening everywhere. Not only that, but many existing stores have also started to sell the products.



  • Purchasing your CBD from a store can be much more convenient than waiting a couple of weeks for your buds to cultivate.
  • Whether you purchase your CBD online or at a physical store, they all have a wide range of exciting products.
  • Stores have certain products that are specific to help with particular issues.



  • Since there are many retailers, it can be challenging to find quality products these days. 
  • If you want to consume CBD for a long time, then buying from a dispensary or store can be much more expensive than growing your own. The variety comes with a price, and you also have to consider the taxes and overheads.

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