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Paint & Edibles Night Returns

(stay tuned, we'll be relaunching summer/fall 2023)

Looking for things to do Fridays in Boston on a Friday night and don’t have any plans? Fortunately, you’re not alone. On Friday’s at the Kush Groove shop, we host our weekly event, Paint Edibles Night Boston, beginning at 7:30pm.

Join us for our Edibles & Paint Party

(You can also book your private group night here)

This is NOT your typical paint night…

Wondering what takes place at our paint night? Take a look at our video.

What is Paint & Edibles Night?

Our Kush Groove paint & edibles night is a private painting party where attendees 21 and over are supplied with all painting materials including an easel, pre-designed canvas for painting, paint brushes, paint colors and refreshments such as soda, water, chips and snacks.

Additionally, attendees will be able to indulge in sampled infused treats by our event partner.

How much is it?

The price for individual paint & edibles night tickets are $50

Wondering how a Kush Groove paint & edibles night goes down?

A typical paint & edibles night

1. After your tickets are purchased in advance, you arrive at the Kush Groove shop anytime after 7:30pm. There’s no rush! We set the time early at 7:30pm because we want folks to settle in comfortably, as they prepare for a chill and relaxed evening in front of the paint canvas 

Once you arrive, you’ll be asked to check in by showing your name and ticket.

2. Once you check in, you’ll be given instructions about the layout of the evening, house keeping rules, and the ability to shop during business hours. There’s space outside for folks to consume flower cannabis on the side of the building. It is a private space. You can also spend a few minutes checking out some of the merchandise from the host, Kush Groove, and supporting your local small business 

3. At 8pm sharp, all the painting materials will be laid out on the tables where you’ll be instructed to sit. You will be able to select paint colors, brushes and grab refreshments. We have a variety of colors and paint brushes so attendees are well stocked with tools.

4. Once seated, you’ll be gifted your infused treat/s by our vendor. You’ll be comforted by a playlist of background music, cool new friends all in a chill environment. Attendees typically interact with other groups at other tables, establishing bonds and making new friends. You’ll be sure to enjoy yourself at our paint night event.

Got questions about the event?

Click here to chat with us directly.

Want to book your own private event? We host groups for small parties under 20 people. We typically reduce the price of the tickets per person with groups over 10. For more details and any questions about our event, please email us below.

We’ve been holding this event since September of 2017, having served over 300 guests. You’re in for a great experience and we welcome you in our space.

Don’t want to attend but want to get a gift for a friend who loves to smoke, or consume cannabis, click here to get a ticket for a friend.

Again, for any and all questions, please email us at

*Disclaimer: “Kush Groove” and “Kush Groove Paint & Edibles Night/Nite” is NOT affiliated with “PAINT NIGHT/ PAINT NITE” or any of the following: plant nite boston; paint nite assembly row; paint bar boston; urban art bar boston; paint nite Somerville; muse paint bar boston; paint nite facebook; paint nite paintings; paint night ideas; paint nite long island; plant nite san Francisco; terrarium making class;  plant night Nashville; the paint bar newton; muse paintbar assembly row; muse paintbar Lynnfield; paintbar boston; muse paintbar Dedham; paint and sip boston; urban art bar Houston; paint nite somerville Massachusetts; paint night somerville nj

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Ericka Henderson on 2023,08,15

I would love to join the Mail 📬 list.

Lauren Ramos on 2023,01,23

Do you still do these edibles & paint events? If so, when is the next one?

Demira on 2021,10,18

Hi I really wanted to set up a day for me and my friends to paint, my birthday is coming up and I thought this would be a fun way to spend our night. I was thinking the 10th or 11th of July

Linda on 2021,10,18

When is you next event?