8 Cannabis Gift Ideas for 2019 Holiday Season

8 Cannabis Gift Ideas for 2019 Holiday Season

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From oil diffusers to vape pens, sex dust to infused chocolate bars, there are numerous cannabis gifts you can purchase for your friend or family. 

As 2019 comes to a close, you can inspire your loved ones to lead a healthier life in 2020 by offering them cannabis gifts. Cannabis products like CBD have become quite popular for their therapeutic benefits. 

According to studies, active compounds in cannabis can help in the treatment of chronic pain, inflammation, seizures, anxiety, mental and sleep disorders, gastrointestinal issues, skin infections and many more. 

However, not every cannabis product you come across is safe and healthy. It is essential to review your products carefully and ensure it depicts all the quality standards. Here is a brief look at eight cannabis gift ideas for the festive season ahead.

1. Kush Groove Grinder 

A simple four-piece kush groove grinder is one of several sleek cannabis gifts you can offer your friend for the coming festive season. It is ideal, especially if your friend prefers cannabis flowers and dry herb joints. 

The groove box makes it very easy to grind your cannabis into fine consistency for a joint or even use in vaporizers that support the dry flower. You can also find rolling trays, rolling papers and a plush mini carrying case for the gift wrapping. 

A complete package should include enough space for carrying the dry herbs, vaporizer and other accessories.

2. Vape pen 

Vaping has become a popular way to use cannabis. You can find sleek-looking kush groove vaporizers that can work any cannabis product, including dry herb and flowers, concentrates, e-juice, shatters and waxes. 

To complete the package, include vaping accessories such as atomizers, coils, batteries and a few favorite flavors. 

Vape pens come in different sizes and designs, so finding one that suits the recipient’s needs is an effortless task. Make sure you shop from credible retailers that can guarantee high-quality vapes and accessories.

3. Weed t-shirts and hats

If you run short of cannabis gift ideas, you can never go wrong with the traditional t-shirt and hat gift package. A weed t-shirt is a perfect gift for your cannabis buddy. 

Add a weed hat and it is a complete gift package that your friend will appreciate. You can compare various t-shirt designs, colors and graphics to find the best option for your friend’s style. 

There are several options so you can go with full sleeves, short sleeves, v-necks, polo or even collared. You can also find branded socks, scuffs and headbands.

4. Self-care oil

Self-care make-up kits that contain CBD oil for skincare are perfect if you are looking to impress your mom, sister, or fiancée. They come in aesthetic packages ideal for a gift presentation and also offer real medicinal value. 

Make sure you review the source and quality of any cannabis product before purchasing it. The oil should come from high-quality cannabis seeds and meet regulatory standards. You can find out what your loved one uses to buy something close to their favorite brand. 

Many options include popular fragrances like lavender, olive, honey, mint, cocoa butter and aloe, among others.  

5. Cannabis-infused edibles

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Festive gifts do not have to be something grand. A simple chocolate bar or candy is enough to evoke feelings of joy in the recipient. 

Gummies and cookies are perfect gifts for kids and anyone with a sweet tooth. You can also find nutritious CBD infused cooking oil that comes in beautiful reusable glass jars. 

This is a unique gift to offer your mom, grandma, or even your vegetarian acquaintances. It is safe, nutritious and healthy. Besides, it delivers the therapeutic benefits of cannabis. 

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Other gift edibles include CBD-infused raw honey, hemp butter and hemp oil.

6. Cannabis oil diffuser 

A unique design oil diffuser can offer the perfect gift idea if you know someone who loves fragrances. 

There are several aesthetic designs on the market, so finding one should not be a daunting process. 

However, make sure the diffuser works efficiently and provides just enough droplets to give your space the sweet scent. 

You can also find cannabis oil diffusers that include refillable CBD oil. These diffusers are perfect for delivering the medicinal benefits of cannabis. You can still find additives and aromatic flavors to make the gift more appealing. 

7. Magazines and recipes

With CBD taking over the world of fitness and wellness, you can find healthy, delicious recipes that use CBD oil and other cannabis products. 

These magazines also offer insights and research-backed tips on how to effectively integrate cannabis products into your daily regimen. 

If you have a friend who loves to read, replace their annual novel with something new, like a cannabis magazine or recipe book. You can even mail order marijuana products and other ingredients for the first recipe in the book.

8. Cannabis growing kit

Hydroponic and aquaponic growing kits are quite expensive, making them a perfect gift for your cannabis farming enthusiasts. You can purchase the entire kit or get your friend one of that efficient low-energy LED lights. 

There are several offers, so make sure you compare the best cannabis growing kits for the strains your friend likes. 

You can also find marijuana seeds and seedlings, growth supplements and growth environment regulators. If possible, find DVDs to help with the set-up or hire a professional for the same.


There are several other cannabis gift ideas you can explore for the upcoming festive season. Cannabis continues to grow popular each day as more places adopt regulations to make it legal. 

When choosing cannabis products like edibles, oils and topical lotions, make sure you find credible, reputable retailers in your area. 

This will help you procure safe, high-quality products. Some states prohibit the sale of cannabis products that contain more than 0.3% THC, so check your local regulations before making an order. More importantly, find something that will impress the recipient. 

For instance, if they prefer a t-shirt, do not spend your time and money finding recipes. You can also ask them what cannabis gift they would like for the festivities.

– By Sevada Hemelians

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