4 Vaping Facts You Need to Know

4 Vaping Facts You Need to Know

If you have decided to quit smoking, we’re glad to have you here. You’re not alone who is willing to give up this habit. Millions of people die from diseases caused by excessive smoking every year, which is why many people are looking for creative ways to cut off this habit. Luckily, when vaping was introduced in the market, it changed the dynamics of conventional smoking. Not to forget, quitting smoking is not an easy job, which is why many people register in rehab centers to get rid of this issue. Today, e-cigarettes have replaced conventional options and have proven to be a better option. Here in this feature, we will guide you through a few interesting facts about vaping:

  1. Vaping Might be Less Harmful Than Smoking But Still Unsafe

Contrary to what you must have read in blogs on the web, vaping is still unsafe. The most coherent benefit of e-cigarettes is, they easily burn nicotine without creating excessive smoke. This is when you get a chance to inhale all the chemicals that are produced by it. Keep in mind, regular tobacco is inclusive of over 7000 chemicals, each of which can be very damaging for your health. This is why vaping has become a part of the popular culture, and people love to use it instead of a conventional cigarette. However, medical experts suggest people keep away from vapes containing THC.

  1. Vaping Can Be Addictive

If you think vaping is not addictive, you’re wrong! Research suggests, e-cigarettes are just as addictive as the conventional ones. Because both of them contain nicotine, research claims that it can be as addictive as cocaine and heroin. Secondly, if you buy an e-cigarette from a small local smoke shop, there is a high chance that it might be infused with a tobacco product. Furthermore, if you buy a cartridge with a higher quantity of nicotine, you could easily get addicted to it. You can also go the extra mile and hit the voltage to a higher level.

  1. Young People are Getting Obsessed with Nicotine

Due to the global popularity of vaping, a large part of the young population is getting hooked with nicotine. Back in 2015, it was concluded that the increase in the number of young people smoking e-cigarettes had jumped by 900%. The reason why many young people vape is because they think it is safe. Secondly, e-cigarettes and vapes are cheaper as compared to conventional cigarettes. Many young people often love to buy durban poison feminized weed seeds and convert it in powder so that they can infuse it in the vape.

  1. Vaping is Actually Bad For Your Lungs

One of the most common myths around vaping is that it is good for the lungs. However, the truth be told, vaping can cause breathing problems easily. Secondly, if you become a chain smoker, it will become difficult for you to keep away from this habit. Nicotine can easily increase your blood pressure and engage you in hypertension. In severe cases, excessive vaping can cause a heart attack as well. It is not common for first-time vapers to know what is infused in it, which is why they run in many problems.

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