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    The HEMPER Beast Bong 12"

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    The HEMPER BEAST bong is a classic and clean beaker base water pipe.  We crafted this piece to feature a circ percolator, as well as an ice pinch!  This impressive bong stands at a foot tall!

    Beaker bongs are a timeless classic due to large water reservoir, this allows for bubble-stacking to a defined point, preventing excess splash-back and drag throughout your entire pull.

    Scientific glass pipes include bongs, dab rigs and hand pipes with a clean and sleek appearance that resembles something you'd see in a lab. Scientific glass encompasses glass pipes that are primarily constructed using clear glass, and often these pipes include beakers and straight tubes


    • Straight Neck
    • Shower Head Percolator
    • 12" Inches
    • 14mm Female Joint


    • (1) The HEMPER Beast Bong 12"
    • (1) 14mm bowl piece 
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      The HEMPER Beast Bong 12"