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    HEMPER Inline Puck Bong V2

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    We present the HEMPER Puck Bong v2!

    Building off of the sturdy and reliable design of our signature puck v1, we've beefed this one up with a larger chamber and more percolating power! We've opened up the chamber for larger rips and smoothed them out with an extended in-line percolator with more diffusion slits than v1. To keep those bubble stacks down in the puck chamber where they belong, we've also included a restrictive splashguard.  

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    • Height: 7"
    • Multi-Slit Inline Percolator


    • (1) HEMPER Inline Puck Bong V2
    • (1) 14mm Male Flower Bowl
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    HEMPER Inline Puck Bong V2