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    4" AFM Max Beaker UFO Perc Glass Ash Catcher

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    The 4" Max Beaker UFO Perc Glass Ash Catcher is an excellent accessory designed to enhance your smoking experience with the AFM Max Beaker or the Max Beaker 9mm. Let's explore its key features in detail:

    1. Height: The ash catcher stands at a convenient height of 4 inches, adding only a slight increase in height to your water pipe setup.

    2. Perc: The ash catcher is equipped with a UFO perc (Unidentified Flying Object perc). The UFO perc is a popular percolator design known for its effective smoke filtration and diffusion. It helps to break down the smoke into finer bubbles, providing smoother and cooler hits.

    3. Joint Angle and Ground Joint: The ash catcher offers versatile joint angle options of 90 degrees and 45 degrees, allowing you to adjust it to your preferred smoking angle. It features a ground joint available in both 14mm and 18mm male sizes, ensuring compatibility with different water pipes.

    4. Slide Joint: On the opposite end, the ash catcher has a slide joint available in 14mm and 18mm female sizes, making it easy to attach your bowl or slide.

    5. Perfect Pairing: The ash catcher is specifically designed to pair perfectly with the  Max Beaker 9mm. This compatibility ensures a seamless fit and a visually cohesive smoking setup.

    By using the 4" Max Beaker UFO Perc Glass Ash Catcher with your AFM Max Beaker or Max Beaker 9mm, you can enjoy several advantages. The UFO perc efficiently diffuses and cools down the smoke, resulting in a smoother and more enjoyable smoking experience. The ash catcher's compatibility with both 14mm and 18mm joints allows for flexible customization to suit your preferred water pipe.

    With the 4" Max Beaker UFO Perc Glass Ash Catcher, you can enhance your smoking sessions, enjoying cleaner and cooler hits while maintaining the aesthetics of your water pipe setup. Elevate your smoking experience with this high-quality ash catcher and the compatible AFM Max Beaker or Max Beaker 9mm for a delightful and smooth smoking experience.

    4" Max Beaker UFO Perc Glass Ash Catcher features:

    • Perc: UFO
    • Joint angle: 90º\45º angle
    • Ground joint: 14mm\18mm male
    • Slide joint: 14mm\18mm female
    • Complete height: 4"


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    4" AFM Max Beaker UFO Perc Glass Ash Catcher