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    4" AFM Licorice UFO Perc Glass Ash Catcher

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    The 4" Licorice UFO Perc Glass Ash Catcher is a stylish and functional accessory designed to enhance your smoking experience. Let's explore its key features in detail:

    1. Height: The ash catcher stands at a convenient height of 4 inches, adding a minimal increase in height to your water pipe setup.

    2. Perc: The ash catcher is equipped with a UFO perc, short for "Unidentified Flying Object." The UFO perc features a unique design that helps in diffusing and cooling down the smoke as it passes through, resulting in smoother and more enjoyable hits.

    3. Joint Angle and Ground Joint: The ash catcher offers versatility with joint angle options of 90 degrees and 45 degrees, allowing you to adjust it to your preferred smoking angle. It also features a ground joint available in both 14mm and 18mm male sizes, ensuring compatibility with various water pipes.

    4. Slide Joint: On the opposite end, the ash catcher has a slide joint available in 14mm and 18mm female sizes, making it easy to attach your bowl or slide.

    5. Licorice Theme: The ash catcher boasts a licorice-themed design, adding a touch of fun and uniqueness to your smoking setup. The licorice-themed decal or pattern enhances the visual appeal of your water pipe.

    6. Perfect Pairing: The ash catcher is specifically designed to pair perfectly with the Licorice Quasar Beaker, creating a harmonious and visually appealing smoking setup.

    Using the 4" Licorice UFO Perc Glass Ash Catcher with your water pipe offers several benefits. The UFO perc effectively filters and cools down the smoke, resulting in a smoother and more enjoyable smoking experience. The licorice-themed design adds a playful and personal touch to your smoking setup, reflecting your individual style and taste.

    By combining the Licorice Quasar Beaker with this ash catcher, you'll have a complete and aesthetically pleasing smoking setup that delivers smooth and flavorful hits. Elevate your smoking sessions with the 4" Licorice UFO Perc Glass Ash Catcher and enjoy a delightful and stylish smoking experience.

    4" Licorice UFO Perc Glass Ash Catcher features:

    • Perc: UFO
    • Joint angle: 90º\45º angle
    • Ground joint: 14mm\18mm male
    • Slide joint: 14mm\18mm female
    • Complete height: 4"


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    4" AFM Licorice UFO Perc Glass Ash Catcher