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    7 Inch Bong with Double the Percs

    $ 65.00
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    Product description

    New Addition w/ Double Showerhead Percs - A Twist on a Classic!

    This 7" pipe comes equipped with a unique take on the showerhead perc. Instead of having the horizontal, it has flipped them on their side. With an elongated chamber allowing for enough water to cover all sides of the dual shower head perc, this pipe allows for the most filtration you can get out of a piece this size. 

    This bong also comes with rich colored glass on the base, perc and the mouthpiece and thick enough glass that dropping it will only result in some water and ash on the floor. The downstem features a built in ash catcher allowing the chamber to stay clean and making cleaning your piece significantly easier.

     Bong Details:

  • 7” Bong with Double Showerhead
  • 1" Diameter color mouth
  • 14mm male glass bowl
  • Bent neck
  • Easy to clean
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    7 Inch Bong with Double the Percs