Cambridge Cannabis Dispensary

Cannabis Dispensary

Frequently Asked Questions

Does your dispensary sell full ounces?

Yes we do. You can find our selection here.

Why do dispensaries close so early?

Some dispensaries do close at 9 or 10pm but that is mostly the time they close due in part to town regulations. Some dispensaries outside of MA are 24 hours.

Why do dispensaries only use cash?

Some dispensaries only accept cash because it allows them to avoid paying card fees to card transaction providers.

Is your dispensary cash only?

We accept cash and debit. We also offer ATM services on site.

Is your Cambridge dispensary near me?

You can find directions to our dispensary here to determine distance from your currently location.

What dispensaries near me deliver cannabis?

We currently do not provide delivery service, however we recommend Rolling Leaf for home delivery.

When does your dispensary open and close?

Our dispensary is open seven days a week from 10am to 8pm.

Is your dispensary new?

Our dispensary opened for recreational cannabis sales on April 13, 2023.

Are dispensaries cheaper than dealers?

Some dispensaries have pricing that competes with the so called "black market" prices.

Are there any 24 hour cannabis dispensaries?

Not in MA.

Does your dispensary offer good birthday deals?

You can sign up to our VIP promotions page at the top of the menu to enter your birthday for special promos.

Does your dispensary accept Apple Pay?

We DO NOT accept Apple Pay.

Can I go into a dispensary without an ID card?

It is required by law when entering a MA dispensary that all persons must have an official ID that indicates they are older than 21 years old.