Kush Groove Dispensary

Hudson Recreational Cannabis Dispensary

Discover a haven of quality and relaxation at our Hudson recreational cannabis dispensary from the Kush Groove brand. Nestled in the vibrant region of Massachusetts, this dispensary is synonymous with premium, locally-grown cannabis products. Step into an environment where eclectic designs and fun atmospheres merge seamlessly, inviting you to explore a diverse range of cannabis offerings. Let our compassionate staff guide you through a bespoke experience, affirming why Kush Groove stands as the leading cannabis dispensary in MA. Come be a part of the Kush Groove legacy today!

Location: We're conveniently located at 1589 Columbus Ave. in Boston (across from Jackson Sq. MBTA Orange Line Station)

Directions: Get directions by clicking here. Our location is accessible by MBTA, car and bicycle transport.

Hours of operation: We're open daily, Monday - Sunday: from 10am - 8pm. We accept pre-orders day of operations.

Why Shop With us?

Why Shop With us?

Menu: We offer a wide array of Indica, Sativa & Hybrid cannabis from flower, edibles, vaporizers, pre-rolls, vapes and tinctures.

Customer Service: Our staff are extremely knowledgeable & experienced having spent more than 3+ years working at other dispensaries.

Vibe: We offer a very relaxed & self paced consumer vibe. We have plenty of floor space for you to take your time while shopping and not feel rushed.

Hudson's Trusted Cannabis Dispensary

Welcome to your trusted dispensary located in the vicinity of Hudson, MA, where we make the Kush Groove experience come alive with an array of high-quality cannabis products right at your fingertips. Nestled conveniently in the proximity of the town, our Hudson, MA, dispensary is committed to providing you with a diverse range of products to suit your preferences. From the moment you step in, you'll notice the difference in the quality and variety we offer. Our staff are not just employees; they are enthusiasts with over three years of experience, ready to assist you in making the best choice. Come explore our cannabis dispensary near Hudson, MA, which residents have grown to trust.

Carefully Curated, Expertly Grown Recreational Weed Products

Embark on a journey of discovery at our weed dispensary, where every product is a testament to our dedication to quality and innovation. As you navigate through our expansive floor space, you'll find an array of carefully curated and expertly grown recreational weed products that cater to both the connoisseur and the curious first-timer. At our Hudson dispensary, MA, we take pride in sourcing locally grown products from the finest Massachusetts cultivators, ensuring you have access to the crème de la crème of the cannabis world. Our inviting ambiance and knowledgeable staff create a shopping experience that's both relaxed and enriching. Make your way to our dispensary in MA for a rendezvous with excellence.
Frequently Asked Customer Questions &

Common Dispensary Concerns

What areas do you serve in Hudson?

Our dispensary near Hudson, MA, extends its premium services to neighboring locales, offering a vast range of cannabis products for enthusiasts around the region. Whether you are in the heart of Hudson or in areas near Hudson, MA, our dispensary is set up to cater to your recreational cannabis needs, providing quality that transcends boundaries.

What IDs are acceptable for entry?

To ensure a smooth and secure experience at our Hudson MA dispensary, we accept several forms of identification. Visitors can present State IDs, passports, military IDs, or Driver's Licenses as valid proof of age before entering our cannabis dispensary.

How much weed can you buy at once in Hudson?

At our weed dispensary near Hudson, MA, we adhere to Massachusetts' guidelines regarding purchase limits. Customers can acquire up to 28g of flower, 5g of concentrates, 500mg of edibles, or 5,000mg of tincture per visit. Please note the system conducts a conversion calculation when purchases span across various categories, with 1g of concentrate equivalent to 5.6g of flower. This ensures a responsible and enjoyable experience for you in Hudson, MA.

Does your Hudson dispensary offer home delivery?

Currently, our cannabis dispensary near Hudson, MA, does not offer home delivery services. However, we warmly welcome you to visit our store and enjoy the serene and vibrant atmosphere as you pick up your order. Our space is designed to provide you with not just quality products but also an enriching experience that stays with you, making us the go-to dispensary near Hudson, MA.