How To Know If The Hemp You're Buying Is Quality and Legit

How To Know If The Hemp You're Buying Is Quality and Legit

With laws and hearts finally accepting cannabis, the market has responded with glee. The amount of cannabis products that are coming into the consumer consciousness is overwhelming. Think about it. Just a few years ago, people were talking about legal marijuana grow-ops being rated by the federal government. 

Most states still kept marijuana illegal. Now, with this recent election, ballot initiatives across the continental United States have made access to marijuana both legal and acceptable.

But like anything new, there are a lot of people that are taking advantage of the help. Kind of like in high school when your buddy tries to sell you oregano in a small baggie for $20, snake oil peddlers are selling fake or untested cannabis products to unwilling consumers.

So how would one know if they’re hemp is legit? How do you know if it’s any good? Well, there are a few things you can do to check the quality of a cannabis product. Here’s how. 

Customer Reviews 

The Internet is a beautiful thing. Not only do you have access to an ungodly amount of movies and articles, but you also have access to consumer opinions on all products. When it comes to cannabis, you might want to stick to products that have a significant amount of customer reviews. At the very least, a well-known company. For instance, if you take a Royal & Pure CBD product and Google it, you’re going to have a good handful of people sharing their honest opinions about the product. 

If you take some gas station CBD and check it out online, you’re probably going to be sent to an unsecured website based somewhere in the heart of China. If a product is any good, people would’ve caught on. The public is more than willing to give their opinion on the mundane. The public is even more willing to give their opinion on a product that works. But more than anything, the public loves to give their opinion on a product that they hate. But if you find no opinions, the product is not legit.

Buy From A Certified Store

Another way you can tell if your cannabis products are legit is simply buying it from a legal store. Most stores that are open now have to keep their reputations good. We are no longer at the stage of legal marijuana where it “sells itself“. You have to stand out. Your store has to sell good products at a reasonable price. It needs to be tailored to the neighborhood it’s in. But no store is going to spend their money stocking up on a product that would have customers yelling for their money back. So going to a store or buying from a legitimate online store is your best bet. Getting something off of the Facebook marketplace, on the other hand—not the best idea.

Bootleg Vapes Are A Problem 

Plenty of well-known players in the cannabis industry have been fighting a battle against bootlegging. This is especially true with Vapes. It’s really difficult to pedal a fake marijuana flower. You know what it looks like, and you know what it smells like, all you have to worry about is what’s sprayed on it.

Vape’s, on the other hand, can have anything inside it. The only way you can know on a side-by-side comparison is if you have it tested in the lab. Most of us don’t have access to a high powered liquid chromatography analyzer. So we’re just going to have to settle for common sense. When you buy a Vape, buy it from the source. As much as possible, buy it from a company that specializes in that particular product. Buy it from their website. Communicate with the sales team so that you know exactly what is in the liquid you are inhaling. Otherwise, you open the door to some nasty potential side effects. The majority of people who have gotten ill or died from cannabis have been victims of tainted or contaminated vape cartridges. The LD50 of marijuana flower is ridiculously high. It couldn’t kill you no matter how much you try. But potentially contaminated vapes? Completely different ballgame. It’s hard to trust anyone outside of the source. 

In conclusion, stick to quality. Don’t try to get a deal here or there. Don’t try to wait for a sale. Don’t try to get some 50% off deal from somebody you don’t know for a hemp vape you don’t recognize. Only buy from legitimate sellers. If they have a website, you can always email somebody from the company. It’s like anything else: you have the right to know what you’re consuming. Why not stick to companies that worked hard to gain the trust of consumers? It’s a smart choice. 

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