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6 Low Key Places To Smoke Cannabis Around Boston

Summer time in Boston is one of the best places to be in the world. Boston Red Sox baseball is in full effect and the NBA playoffs are typically wrapped up with the Boston Celtics finishing somewhere at the top.

It's a vibe in Boston for sure and cannabis is legal! It's the perfect time to be outside smoking your latest pick up from your neighborhood dispensary.

If you're new to the area, keep in mind, you can smoke cannabis in and around Boston! You wont go to jail at all. The worst that'll happen is you'll be issued a ticket, but that's really if you're being an ass to 5-0. 

Other than that, there really isn't any concern with smoking cannabis in Boston. Now your challenge is to find a cool spot to do so

Here's a list of 6 cool places to smoke cannabis in and around Boston, MA. 

1. Mt. Auburn Cemetery

Next to the Cemetery are Kush Groove Dispensary in Cambridge and Sofra Bakery. You can buy your cannabis at the Cambridge dispensary next door, grab some baked goods from Sofra and make a little picnic out of your 4/20 adventure. There's so much beauty and serenity in the space, you'll feel like you've died and went straight to heaven. No funeral included.

2. Fresh Pond Cambridgefresh pond cambridgeAnother great place to smoke your cannabis in Boston is across the bridge in Cambridge near Fresh Pond. You can ride your bike or walk the wonderful path, or watch golfers play on the public Fresh Pond Golf Course. Cambridge has a few dispensaries so it's easy to buy your cannabis in Cambridge and head over to Fresh Pond for some relaxation.

3. The Fensback bay fens boston

The Fens is a wonderful place to smoke your cannabis if you're on the Boston side or the Charles River bridge. You'll find yourself in the Fenway/Back Bay neighborhood of Boston where you can roam around the greenway and find your own little patch of grass to blow your grass.

4. Central Sq. Cambridgecambridge graffiti alleyCentral Sq. Cambridge in itself is a vibe. Any corner you turn there's energy that will only bring smiles and joy to your inner being. On the joys of taking a trip to Central Sq. Cambridge for your cannabis excursion is that it is the only area in America with the largest concentration of black owned cannabis shops. You can literally find any type of cannabis you're looking for here in Central Sq. There are 3 cannabis dispensaries to choose from.

5. The Jamaicawayjamaica pond bostonAround 6pm on any given spring/summer/fall day in Boston, the Jamaicaway might hands down be the best sunset to see in all of Boston. Sure, you can be somewhere downtown Boston in a cozy high rise but nothing beats sunsets on the Jamaicaway, burning a nice cannabis joint to end your long day right.

6. Charles Rivercharles river cambridgeYou have made your way around the Boston area looking for the perfect spot to smoke your cannabis outdoors. The last place you need to make sure to check out is Charles River, on the Cambridge side. You can access the River from Harvard Sq., Central Sq., and Kendall Sq. MBTA train stations (after a brief walk). The river, on Cambridge side, allows you to see all of Boston. This is also where the Boston Pops play their 4th of July Show, one of the most televised fireworks shows on earth.

Been to any of these places? Have any other ideas for places to smoke cannabis in Boston?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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